R.E.M’s Michael Stipe Returns To Social Media After A 4 Year Hiatus

Social media has definitely impacted human relationships; thus, some have decided to stay away from it. The ‘Losing My Religion’ singer Michael Stipe was one of those people, but he recently surprised fans by returning to Instagram after a four-year hiatus. The singer’s aim in going back on his decision to abandon the platform was to encourage his followers to vote in the Midterm Election Year on November 8.

“Turnout,” exclaimed the singer with his post after recently returning to social media. “Your vote is what will most influence today’s election results. If you are in line to vote, don’t be discouraged – your voice matters! Raise it high!”

The Midterm Elections were clearly what brought the singer back on the platform, as he shared three cheerful photos of himself to encourage people to vote and raise their voices in this matter. It’s unknown whether Stipe will continue his ventures on social media after the elections as well.

His Instagram biography states, “I am back after a 4-year hiatus from all social media to urge every American to vote today. Thanks!” This explanation tells his followers that his sole purpose was to get people to vote, but his fans would surely love to see what Stipe is up to on a regular basis through social media.

As for his reason for deactivating his social media accounts four years ago, he had told BBC in 2018 that social media has become such a part of our lives that even politicians address the nation through tweets instead of interviews, which he considers ‘repellent and diminishing.’ Nonetheless, he now seems to be back precisely for political reasons.

Photo Credit: Michael Stipe – Instagram