Stephen Pearcy Believes Ratt Belongs To The ‘Big Four’

In a recent chat with Appetite for Distortion, Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy was asked to pick the ‘Big Four’ of the Sunset Strip. Rather than making a direct choice, the singer mentioned his current tour project in relation to the topic. He said:

“Well, you know, it’s interesting you asked that because I’ve created and been working on this thing we’re calling the Sunset Strip Experience, which I’m introducing this year and actually gonna tour next year. And be it with one member from one of the OG’s back then or, you know, the groups.”

Revisiting the bands of the 1980s Strip era, Pearcy went on:

“There’s not many original groups even around anymore with all original members, but – It was bands like Mötley [Crüe], Ratt, W.A.S.P., even a band called White Sister, who never really did huge on the Strip at the moment at that time. You know, Great White was called Dante Fox. Even Stryper was part of that. They were called Roxx Regime. You know, of course, Quiet Riot. You know, it was [Kevin] DuBrow.”

He implied that these were the originals of the Sunset Strip and added:

“Yeah, it was only really a handful. It wasn’t all these Muppetheads who came into the Strip from Pennsylvania or Seattle or somewhere. Instead, it’s happening there. I knew it was gonna go down when I met Ed Van Halen in ’78. I went, ‘Something’s about to crack here.'”

The concept for ‘The 1980’s Sunset Strip Experience’ Tour aims to reflect this period and its members, according to an interview the former Ratt frontman gave to 100 FM The Pike radio station in June. The project is designed to let new fans live the experience of the ‘real Strip,’ as he said:

“I started [Ratt], created the band, and if that’s it, that’s it. I am not done yet; I’m still out there with what I’m calling the ‘Sunset Strip Experience’ and making sure that our new fans, that we continually have, understand the real trip about the ‘Sunset Strip Experience.’ Because a lot of the bands, these ’80s bands — call it ‘hair’ bands; I really don’t care — a lot of ’em are taking claim. They’re not from the Sunset Strip; they came from Pennsylvania; they came from whoever or wherever.”

You can check out Stephen Pearcy’s new interview in the video below.