Stephen Pearcy Says Ratt Members’ Ego Prevented The Reunion

In an appearance on SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’ on August 29, Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy shared that he would be on board with a possible reunion if the classic lineup gets together. Otherwise, he will keep his focus on his solo work.

‘Infestation’ is Ratt’s last studio album, released on April 20, 2010. The record became a clear example of the glam metal genre that received positive reviews from critics and fans. However, the band hasn’t released any new material since its seventh album release in 2010.

In a previous interview, the singer mentioned that if all members from the classic lineup, including Pearcy, DeMartini, Robbin Crosby, Juan Croucier, and Bobby Blotzer, returned to the band, there could be a possibility of a new studio album. He said that without the whole crew, the album wouldn’t have the signature Ratt sound.

A similar topic was recently discussed on the radio show when Stephen Pearcy stated that if all the members from the classic lineup came together, that would be the ideal reunion. However, he believes that there are egos involved in most of the members’ decisions, so Pearcy is not holding his breath for a reunion. The musician added that he would rather keep his focus on his band than reunite with just the bass player because that wouldn’t be a sincere reunion for the fans.

Stephen Pearcy’s words about the reunion that won’t happen any time soon:

It would be great if we all pulled together and reunited all the surviving members of Ratt’s classic lineup, but it’s not going to happen. You’re dealing with a lot of egos. ‘Who knows?’ I don’t know. I don’t give a shit. This is where it starts, and this is where it’s going to end, and that’s with me. And I’m out there just doing what I do.

Look, I’d rather be out there [with my solo band] than having the [Ratt] band out there with just me and the bass player in Ratt. That’s not what Ratt was. Ratt was Crosby, Pearcy, DeMartini, Bobby, and Juan. And so be it. And I’d rather give a bit of integrity to the band because it was a great rock band, and continue doing what I do. You can’t beat a dead horse or try to bullshit people.”

Pearcy and Croucier, as the remaining original members, appeared live in Mulvane, Kansas, in July 2018. Pete Holmes on drums, Jordan Ziff and Frankie Lindia as guitarists joined the Ratt on stage. More recently, in April 2021, Blotzer joined Pearcy during the Ratt singer’s live broadcast concert from the world-famous ‘Whiskey A Go Go’ on the Sunset Strip.