Jack White Recalls Eddie Van Halen’s Help To His ‘Boarding House Reach’ Album

During a recent interview with Guitar World, Jack White talked about his improvement in guitar playing. White revealed that Eddie Van Halen influenced him during the creation of his album, ‘Boarding House Reach.’

Jack White, mostly known as a member of the White Stripes, has become a significant musician in the rock scene as a multi-instrumentalist, especially with guitar. White carried his name among the pioneers of garage rock’s revival in the 2000s. White received more than ten Grammy Awards, with his solo albums having high places on the Billboard chart.

The rocker’s third studio album, ‘Boarding House Reach,’ released in 2018, included successful songs like ‘Connected By Love’ and ‘Over and Over and Over.’ With his distinctive and innovative style, White received praise from many music critics. The album reached the top of the Billboard 200 in the US and became a commercial success.

Eddie Van Halen has been an important figure for White throughout his music career, as he noted multiple times. In a previous interview, the rocker mentioned the impact of Eddie on him while choosing his guitar as a musician known for his guitar partnerships. Eddie became an inspiration for many guitarists, and White was one of them both in playing and designing.

When asked whether he and Eddie Van Halen knew each other in a recent interview, White revealed that they had a relationship, although they did not meet in person. As the rocker stated, Eddie became an inspiration for him to find the easiest way to record during the creation process of ‘Boarding House Reach’ after he watched Eddie’s interview in which he introduced Wolfgang EVH. White also noted that he adopted Eddie’s design and created his guitar.

White explained Eddie Van Halen’s influence on him:

“We had a bit of a relationship. What happened was, when I was doing my last album, ‘Boarding House Reach,’ I found that the songs took weeks of rehearsal, which was something new to me. I thought, ‘I want to get the easiest guitar to play,’ which is the opposite of what I normally do.

I saw an interview with Eddie Van Halen and Chip Ellis in which they talked about building the Wolfgang EVH guitar. Eddie talked about how he didn’t want to fight the guitar, and I thought, ‘OK, that might be the one for me.’ I bought one, and sure enough, it was so easy to play. It practically played itself. That’s when I got into customizing it to my liking.

I took his design and customized it to some specs I like, pickups, switches, material and stuff, and the paint job. But yes, he and I had a little bit of a relationship, talking back and forth, and he taught me a couple of things. There were some texts. It was nice, although we never met in person, which is a shame.”

You can listen to ‘Boarding House Reach’ below.