Jack White Opens Up About Eddie Van Halen

White Stripes’ Jack White recently spoke about his interactions with the iconic late guitarist Eddie Van Halen. White said that while looking for guitars to buy, he and Eddie texted each other to exchange ideas.

Eddie Van Halen’s guitar techniques, skills, and talents have made him an irreplaceable icon in the music industry. His abilities provided him with the popularity he had before he passed away in 2020. However, his popularity still continues, and he is being mentioned a lot in terms of influencers in the rock and roll industry.

Not just his playing skills, but Eddie knew his way around guitars. His interest in the mechanical aspect of the instrument eventually pulled him in the direction of partnering up with guitar brands and creating custom lines both for his fans and for himself to play on stage. In 2007, the first EVH amplifiers were produced by Fender. The creation of Frankenstrat-inspired guitars followed after. Eventually, Eddie created his brand EVH guitars that many other guitarists also turned to.

White Stripes’ Jack White was one of these people who were pulled by EVH guitars’ beauty. He revealed that he used to contact Eddie Van Halen while picking a new guitar for himself. During their exchange of ideas about guitars, Van Halen taught White a ‘couple of things.’ However, Jack was sad that it was just texting and not meeting him in person.

Here is what Jack White said about meeting Eddie Van Halen:

“But yes, he and I had a little bit of a relationship, talking back and forth, and he taught me a couple of things. There were some texts. It was nice, although we never met in person, which is a shame.

Eddie’s death in 2020 undoubtedly saddened the music industry deeply. The guitarist is known to be a respectable player, but aside from that, he is mainly described as a kind and good-hearted person. Van Halen had disbanded before he passed away, but the chances of a reunion became lower after his death.