The Judas Priest Song Rob Halford Couldn’t Sing Properly Anymore

The iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest was founded by Al Atkins, Brian ‘Bruno’ Stapenhill, John Perry, and John ‘Fezza’ Partridge in 1969. The frontman, Rob Halford, joined the band later in 1973 and played his first live show with them at the Townhouse in Wellington.

Judas Priest’s vocalist Rob Halford has become instantly recognizable due to his distinctive voice in the metal scene. His looks with studded leather jackets and cool sunglasses have been another factor that added to his influence on the younger generation. Thanks to his praised vocals and trademark fashion style, his fans named him ‘Metal God.’ The frontman received the nickname ‘Metal God’ after Judas Priest released their 1980 album ‘British Steel,’ which brought them enormous commercial success.

The frontman has been in the music industry for over 50 years now. Halford’s years of performing to fans have not been an easy ride. Like many other artists in the industry, Rob Halford has had to adapt his ever-changing vocals to the songs over the years.

What Song Can’t Rob Halford Sing Like He Used To?

After performing on the stage for years, almost every singer suffers from changes in their voice. Specifically, someone like Rob Halford, who has made tremendous contributions to the heavy metal scene with his extensive operatic vocals. As a singer who has been using his vocals in front of a crowd for many years, it would be unrealistic to assume that he can achieve the same intensity in his voice.

During an appearance on Let There Be Talk in 2020, the Judas Priest frontman talked about his journey with his vocals. He stated that he had been performing for over 50 years, so he had to make adjustments over the years. He explained that his voice couldn’t have the same intensity as the day he started singing.

Then, the singer gave the song ‘Painkiller‘ as an example song he was not as comfortable with as he used to be when he recorded it in 1990. Even though he gave the song his best shot and tried to perform it at the highest level on the band’s live shows, he still thought he could deliver a better performance.

Rob Halford’s words about the changes in his voice:

“Yeah, I’ve been using these pipes for 50 years, and I’m trying to get the most out of them. I’ve had to make some adjustments. I wish I could sing ‘Painkiller‘ as I did in ’91, but I can’t. But I can have a good go. I can give it a good thrashing and a good whack.

Even now, after I’ve done ‘Painkiller’ and I finish the song on the stage, and the crowd is roaring, I’m going, ‘Could have done better. That note wasn’t quite there.’ That’s just the way we push ourselves in this band. We love to give the best that we possibly can.”

Even though changes in vocals are unavoidable, Rob Halford still tries his best while performing with Judas Priest. The frontman’s attitude towards live performances makes him an artist fans want to support by going to their concert.

You can listen to ‘Painkiller’ below.