Saxon’s Biff Byford Reacts To Paul Quinn Lying About His Retirement From Touring

During a new conversation with Robert Cavuoto of Metal Rules, Saxon’s Biff Byford addressed Paul Quinn’s misleading statements on touring retirement.

When asked about his reaction to seeing Quinn performing with his new group, The Cards, shortly after he said he would stop touring with Saxon, the singer responded with a laugh:

“It’s a little bit surprising. When I do talk to him — and I was talking to him yesterday — well, he’s doing his thing. He said he didn’t want to tour anymore, and then he went off to Japan with the band, which is a little bit crazy. But Paul is a little bit crazy. He is a bit on nicer side of nuts, if you know what I mean. But that’s what makes him great, really. But we have to stand by his decision.”

Byford’s Further Thoughts On Quinn’s Decision

Byford added the following about the challenges of touring and creating new music:

“He’d been talking about it for a while, maybe stepping back. ‘Cause it is intense when you’re touring at a high level. And it’s also intense when people are expecting you to come up with great guitar riffs all the time for the album. That’s quite quite stressful as well. So, yeah, [it was] a little bit odd that he went out on tour when he said he didn’t want to tour anymore. But that’s Paul, really.”

Saxon’s Announcement About Paul’s Departure

Saxon announced in March on Instagram that Quinn was stepping back from touring, which changed some concert dates of their 2023 world tour. They wrote in their statement:

“After much soul searching, our great friend and fellow warrior Paul Quinn has decided to step back from touring with Saxon. After many years on the road, with the subsequent stress and tiredness that accompany long tour schedules, Paul doesn’t want his performance to suffer and let his fellow bandmates and fans down.”

In a later post, the guitarist also expressed gratitude for the support and love he received and mentioned his pride in Saxon’s achievements. He planned to perform until autumn but had to leave sooner due to other circumstances. After 50 years of touring, he’s excited to try new things and possibly meet fans again.