Paul Quinn Wishes Saxon Success In Their New Chapter After His Departure

After the recent release of Saxon‘s highly-anticipated new album ‘More Inspirations,’ founding guitarist Paul Quinn took to Instagram to express his heartfelt gratitude for the band’s steadfast supporters and shared his well-wishes for Saxon as they embark on their new chapter without him.

This poignant moment came after a long and storied history with the band, spanning over four decades, and Quinn’s decision to part ways to explore new musical ventures, including potential collaboration with The Cards or other projects.

The guitarist’s sudden departure left a noticeable void within the band, reminiscent of Martin Gore’s description of performing without Fletcher by his side. Although Quinn’s exit is under different circumstances, his absence will undoubtedly be felt by his fellow bandmates and fans alike.

Paul Quinn’s words of well wishes to Saxon amid his departure read:

“Dear all, seeing the tremendous outpouring of love and respect worldwide, I am deeply grateful. It was an honor sharing this life-enhancing experience with you, our loyal fans.

I agreed to perform the confirmed shows until autumn, but due to other circumstances, the band needs time to regroup sooner. After 50 years of being on the road, I look forward to trying some new things that this battered body still allows, so our paths might cross again.

I will always be proud of what we created with Saxon, so it will remain in my DNA. Finishing these last gigs for you and recording music when required is part of the plan.

I wish all the best for the band for their new chapter, and I hope you will join me on mine, whether it is with The Cards or other projects. Play it loud and keep the Wheels of Steel rolling.”

As the sun sets on Paul’s time with Saxon after the scheduled shows until autumn, it is clear that his influence on the band will never be forgotten. His parting message demonstrated his unwavering love for the music, Saxon, and the fans that have supported him throughout his career and the ones that will keep on this journey with him.