Taylor Swift Shows Support To Ed Sheeran After The Release Of His New Song, ‘Bad Habits’

As seen in Taylor Swift’s recent tweet, Swift has shown her support for her longtime friend Ed Sheeran for the release of his new single, ‘Bad Habits,’ along with a new vampire-themed music video.

Pop music icon Ed Sheeran’s last release ‘Divide’ came in 2017, before his last full-length project ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’ released in 2019. Ed’s recent project, ‘Bad Habits,’ is the first single he has released since the release of Afterglow’ in 2020. Although the name of the forthcoming record is still unknown, fans speculate that it will be ‘Minus (-)‘ as he released three solo albums previously with names of ‘Plus,’ ‘Multiply,’ and ‘Divide.’ Apart from working on his new fifth studio album, Sheeran also wrote a new record for the band BTS recently.

A couple of days ago, Ed Sheeran announced the release of his new single, ‘Bad Habits,’ and its music video which has a vampire theme. His fans enjoyed the music video deeply as Sheeran danced with his vampire makeup and pink suit surrounded by hundreds of dancing vampires. In addition to Ed’s fans, his fellow musicians, including Taylor Swift, loved his new project that marked his return to music.

According to a recent tweet by Swift, she seems very excited and enthusiastic about her close friend Ed Sheeran’s release of a new single and its new music video. In the tweet, Taylor stated that she couldn’t get Ed’s new song out of her head implying that she had been listening to the song constantly.

Swift said in the tweet that:

“Ed has a new song out and I legitimately cannot get it out of my head! And this video! Stream/Buy/Support/bop to it uncontrollably all summer.”

You can see the tweet and the new music video below.