Saxon Announce Paul Quinn’s Decision To Step Beck From Touring

While their world tour continues, Saxon announced developments regarding the show schedules and plans on their official Instagram account. According to their explanation, Paul Quinn stepped back from the tour, which affected some of the concert dates.

The band has been on a world tour to meet their fans from Europe, South America, and North America since the beginning of March 2023; however, their performances will continue with changes from now on. The band’s guitarist, Paul Quinn, will not play with the band on stage, as was announced through social media.

In their explanation, the band stated that Quinn wanted to step down from the upcoming performances because of the long and stressful tour schedules. The guitarist reportedly did not want his performance to be negatively affected by the intensity of the shows and road trips.

The band’s words on the matter read:

“After much soul searching, our great friend and fellow warrior Paul Quinn has decided to step back from touring with Saxon. After many years on the road, with the subsequent stress and tiredness that accompany long tour schedules, Paul doesn’t want his performance to suffer and let his fellow bandmates and fans down.”

Luckily, the guitarist will still be a part of the studio productions and keep recording songs with the band. According to the statement, he may also occasionally select live performances to participate in in the future, and Saxon supports his decision.

Indicating that they will share more updates in the future, they wrote:

“Paul will continue to record with the band and may play select special shows in the future.

Saxon stand by Paul’s decision and will keep you all informed regarding our next journey.”

They also revealed that South America and the MOR Cruise show dates would alter while the Europe dates and all summer festivals stay the same. Explaining they needed time to re-group, the band reassured the fans that the dates would be rearranged as soon as possible.

They concluded their announcement as follows:

“The current run of March shows in Europe will continue as is, but the band will be canceling their April dates in South America and the MOR Cruise to give time to re-group. These territories will be re-booked as soon as time permits.

All summer festivals will continue as booked.

Keep the faith!”

Saxon will continue their world tour without Paul Quinn‘s attendance from now on and change some performance dates to make proper arrangements to fill in for the guitarist. Although South American show dates were affected by the recent development, the band will eventually take the stage in that area, as they explained.

Photo Credit: Saxon – Instagram