Sammy Hagar Says Dimebag Darrell Was Edgy While Vinnie Paul Was More Friendly

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently released a video on Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail’s Instagram account, in which he recalled the first time when he met with Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. Hagar described Darrell as edgy and his brother as friendly.

Hagar met with Darrell and Paul when he was about to perform a show at Cabo Wabo so they had time to chat backstage before Hagar’s performance back then. In addition to their meeting, the musician invited the brothers to perform a Van Halen song ‘Wild Thing’ together. The main reason behind his offer was to help the late guitarist relax a little bit so the music became their savior once again as the men who were passionate about it.

Moreover, according to the singer, the Abbott brothers had different characteristics from each other and he stated that Paul approached him in a friendly manner. However, Darrell was edgy and angry without any reason and the singer knew that he was ‘pissed at the whole world.’ It can be said that performing together softened the atmosphere and became an unforgettable memory for these iconic musicians.

On Darrell’s death anniversary, Sammy Hagar decided to share rare footage, in which he talked about his first meeting with Darrell and Paul in the Vinnie & Dimebag’s Limo to pay tribute to Darrell who was killed by his fan Nathan Gale after he had shot him multiple times. Also, he didn’t forget to mourn after the Pantera drummer that passed away because of dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease on June 22, 2018.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail IG post read:

In Memory of Dime’s passing today, we thought we would share this beautiful moment between Sammy Hagar and Jose Mangin filmed just a few days ago in the Vinnie & Dimebag’s Limo.

This car was gifted to Jose from Dime and Vin’s estate and he’s worked hard to restore it and plans to take it all across the country and have epic hangs and chat’s with all of his buddies to reminisce about his dear friends, who many of us still hold so dear.

What an honor to have Sammy as the very first passenger to roll around in these badass wheels with Jose and to of course share some personal and touching stories of the guys who used to do God knows that in here!

RIP Dime & Vin.

Hagar recalled these times saying:

“I was playing there for Wabos, and Vinnie and Dime showed up, and Dime had his wife with him, and we sat backstage and Dime, he was, he was kinda edgy. Vinnie was friendly, Dime was friendly, but he was pissed off. Not at me but to the world. I thought, ‘Man, you got a little attitude.’ Not bad vibes but, you’re pissy, you know.'”

You can listen to the song below.