Robert Sweet: Stryper Were Warned Not To Be A Christian Band

In a recent interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine, Robert Sweet revealed that the heavy metal and hard rock scene didn’t fully accept them because of their Christian lyrics.

The drummer told the following about the reactions against Stryper:

“I think, and a lot of people have told us, especially in the industry, ‘If you guys weren’t doing this Jesus thing, and we know you mean it,’ which we do, ‘you guys would have sold many more millions of records.’ And, really, I want everyone to know that’s the truth, because radio never played us.”

Robert Speaks About People’s Comments On Their Music

He shared how non-Christians praised their music:

“And it was a miracle we got on MTV. But still, to this day, radio has played us very, very little. But we were willing to take that hit financially. And it’s been rough at times. It’s been really unfair because a lot of people have come up and said, ‘Hey, man, I’m not a Christian. You guys are one of the best bands I’ve ever heard.’ And I’m, like, ‘Well, great. Thank you.'”

Stryper cared about spreading the message of Jesus despite criticism:

“We don’t look at ourselves as any better than anyone else, but we had to stick with it. We had to make sure that the message of Jesus was first and foremost and front, no matter what people said. And, man, were we ever given a hard time. I am telling you, I didn’t know so many people were gonna come against us back in the ’80s, and even up to this day. But it’s all worth it.”

Michael Sweet Shares The Same Perspective

Robert’s brother, Michael Sweet also agrees with the musician. The Stryper frontman believes his band is the most hated in music history. He recently shared a post on Instagram and wrote:

“Against all odds, we broke new ground. We broke barriers. We broke through walls. We shattered stereotypes and proved all the naysayers wrong. We may very well be the most ‘hated’ band of all time but we’ve persevered and we’re still here. We are The Yellow & Black Attack. We are Stryper.”

Michael also previously said Stryper learned to handle backlash against their Christian message. Stryper changed minds about religion and earned respect over time.

You can listen to the rest of Robert’s chat below.