John Lydon Admits He’s Broke After Losing The Lawsuit Against His Sex Pistols Bandmates

John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten gave an interview to The Telegraph and admitted that he is penniless after the war-like lawsuit he had to face against his former Sex Pistols bandmates. 

Sex Pistols had a successful career by leading the Punk movement in the United Kingdom with many revolutionary music and lyrics that got them banned from the radio stations. They were known as an anarchist band, and you would see people walking the streets wearing their t-shirts as an expression of anti-oppression. Being such a band, their single ‘God Save the Queen’ was so criticizing that they became the most heavily censored band in the history of Britain.

Regardless of all the fame and success, Sex Pistols disbanded in 2008 because their lead singer John Lydon stated that it was not fun anymore. The band didn’t seem to have a problem until recently when the two members, Steve Jones and Paul Cook made an agreement with Disney for their documentary called ‘Pistols.’ 

According to Lydon, the two did not ask for his permission to use the songs in the documentary, and they stated that they acted on an agreement they made years ago when they were still a band. This agreement included that important decisions would be voted and the majority would win the decision. In this case, they didn’t even have to ask Lydon for permission. This agreement was found fair by the court when Lydon was sued for refusing to license the songs to be included in the documentary series.

Lydon lost the lawsuit, and in his recent interview, he stated how this whole thing left him broke. He mentioned that he would never expect his former bandmates and friends to do something so cruel to him and that he would have at least expected them to have a conversation with him before. Lydon accused the band of choosing money over friendship and stated how strange it is that an anarchist band like Sex Pistols became the property of ‘Mickey Mouse.’

Here are his expressions:

“I’ve got no more savings, no more loans, no pensions. I’ve got nothing. I’m fucked, and I’m scuppered in so many different ways. This entire juggernaut of confusion has cost me millions. Such a hideous, nasty onslaught; I never expected Steve, Paul, and Glen to be that evil. And we never even sat down and had a conversation about it.

This became Walt Disney money vs. me. Who do you think is gonna win? Money talks and Johnny Rotten takes a walk. It’s a strange, strange world we live in. The Sex Pistols have become the property of Mickey fucking Mouse.

After Lydon lost the lawsuit, he issued a statement where he expressed that Jones and Cook are disrupting the legacy of the band and that he cannot believe they wouldn’t even consult him. His frustration against his former bandmates doesn’t seem like something that would steam off soon, especially after they left him without any properties or money.