John Lydon Issues A Statement Over Sex Pistols Lawsuit, ‘It Is So Destructive’

John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, made a press statement addressing the issues in the lawsuit he lost against his former band Sex Pistols.

Although Sex Pistols had a brief career with many breaks in between, they are known as the frontiers of the Punk movement in the United Kingdom. Their songs were so groundbreaking that they were censored and banned from being played on radio stations, including the worldwide known BBC.

The band finally disbanded in 2008 after Rotten’s declaration on stage that this is ‘not fun’ anymore. However, recently the band members Steve Jones and Paul Cook were involved in creating a band’s legacy with a documentary called ‘Pistols’ in collaboration with Disney.

John Lydon wasn’t aware that Sex Pistols’ songs would be used in this series, and therefore he filed a lawsuit against the band because they didn’t ask for his permission. However, because of an agreement the band had decided years ago, important decisions would be decided by voting, and the majority would win. This decision was the reason Lydon lost the lawsuit and recently made a statement about his disappointment.

Here is what he said in the press statement:

“I am the lead singer and songwriter, frontman, image, the lot, you name it. I put it there. How is that not relevant? It is dumbfounding to me. It is so destructive to what the band is and so I fear that the whole project might be extremely negative.

How can anyone think that this can proceed without consulting me and deal with my personal life in this, and my issues in this, without any meaningful contact with me before the project, is announced to the world. I don’t think there are even words that I can put forward to explain quite how disingenuous this is. As I said in the lyrics of The Order of Death, This is what you want, this is what you get…”

The singer seems angry because the band didn’t pay enough attention to his decisions and is having a hard time believing that they would proceed without his consent. His main issue is that this decision would be ‘destructive’ for the band, and in his opinion, it’s not a smart decision at all.