John Lydon Says His Wife’s Alzheimer Will Ultimately End In Tragedy


Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon was interviewed by Nihal Arthanayaka for a radio show. The musician opened up about his wife’s disease that she was struggling with for years. He admitted that it has no cure for it, but he is doing his best by reflecting his thoughts and feelings about it as a great supporter of his wife.

John Lydon and German publishing heiress Nora Forster have been pursuing a very happy marriage since 1976. They can be described as one of the rare examples considering some other rock stars’ complicated and short-lived relationships with different people. Therefore, Lydon was devastated when his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but he never stopped loving and supporting Nora throughout this hard process.

In 2018, the Sex Pistols lead singer reflected on Nora’s battle with this tragic illness by saying that he didn’t know when the symptoms started, and he is her caretaker because of the serious memory loss caused by neurodegenerative disease. Then, Lydon made a heartbreaking speech about Nora and stated that they are closer than before by regarding it as ‘a strange blessing.’ His words made both the hosts and his fans cry while watching him.

During his latest interview, Lydon said that they are watching English comedies to help Nora remember some details that she forgot because of Alzheimer’s disease. Even though he knows that this is a temporary solution for an incurable illness that will end in tragedy, Lydon is determined to laugh with Nora until their last breath. Also, the singer gave details about his wife’s condition saying that she never forgets the past but cannot recall what happened three minutes ago.

Lydon said in his interview that:

“Because it was so laughable and like a British comedy at its finest. Everyone told me ‘you are horrible’ I was like ‘Oh, the chance to be horrible.’ We hit it off one ‘Saving Grace’ which I didn’t know about it but Nora to learn English, she loved English comedies. We had Steptoe and son in common.

It’s odd because I was very young and ill covering from meningitis when I’d actually lost my memory. It was the kinds of comedy shows that thought me back to who I was and now Nora has gone into unfortunately been land-lumbered with Alzheimer’s.

We do a great deal of English comedy watching. There are some great TV channels in America. We could get all the comedies and it really helps. It’s one of the greatest cures of all really for Alzheimer’s is to keep them laughing. It’s not a cure, by the way, I said that wrong. It’s a temporary stop.”

He continued:

“We know Alzheimer’s will ultimately end in tragedy but then again that’s what life is. Life is ultimately death. I’m determined for both of us that what time we have, we’re going to really enjoy in the extreme an hour out.

She could focus back on something that happened 25 years ago and be zoomed in but what happened three minutes ago was just not there. It’s a strange illness and as a Swiss cheese but the holes keep getting bigger. Eventually, all the synopsis and connections get lost but for me, the personality is still in there.”

You can check out the interview below.