Promoter Apologizes For Ruining Sleep Token Pre-Sale But Fans Are Still Furious

Live entertainment giant AEG Presents has issued an apology to Sleep Token fans for the delayed delivery of their presale codes.

Sleep Token recently unveiled their 2024 North American The Teeth of God Tour, featuring special guest Empire State Bastard. The announcement specified that the presale for tickets would commence on January 24, at 10 AM local time.

On January 24, fans realized that they hadn’t received the presale codes. Some individuals on social media mentioned getting their codes more than 24 hours after the presale had begun, and even then, their codes didn’t always function properly. Ticket brokers managed to purchase all the tickets without needing a code, causing many dates to sell out before AEG resolved the problem.

Despite getting an email from the promoters for an access code, naturally, fans were furious and some stated this publicly on social media accounts.

AEG’s Apology And Fan Comments

The agency was late to realize the malfunctions in the website, which led them to post a public apology for those who could not get tickets. The company wrote:

“As a Sleep Token fan who took the time to register early for access to tickets, we know how committed you are to the band. That’s something we don’t take lightly, and knowing that, we tried to provide you with early access to the presale as a reward for your loyalty.”

Realizing they failed to deliver the codes earlier, the statement continued:

“While our intentions were good, to put it simply: we failed. Our emails and sale codes were sent on time yet delivered to you late. And while there are many reasons for that, there’s no excuse. We let Sleep Token and you down. Since discovering the malfunctions, we have worked to provide codes to every fan that has contacted us. We value our fans and our artists and will continue to work to create the elevated experience you all expect and deserve. We are so very sorry we let you down.”

Fans were not pleased with the apology. In fact, some almost stated that it was careless:

“They deadass emailed a notes app apology to all of us who registered for Sleep Token presale I’m weak.”

Some stated that Sleep Token fans ‘always get screwed’:

“LMAO. Sleep Token fans are always getting screwed. Whether Ticketmaster or AEG.”

You can see the apology below.