John Fogerty On How The Beatles’ Break-Up Affected Creedence Clearwater Revival


In a recent interview with Billboard, Credence Clearwater Revival’s former songwriter and vocalist John Fogerty spoke about the opportunity their band seized in the early 1970s.

During the time the Beatles started experiencing difficulty in continuing their career, another band was also on the verge of a breakup; Creedence Clearwater Revival. CCR is known for its bizarre self-plagiarism lawsuit that lasted many years after its disbandment. Even though the band members had disputes, they managed to stay together until 1971, as that year marked the departure of the songwriter Tom Fogerty.

However, one year before the songwriter decided to leave the band, Creedence seized a crucial opportunity. They would take the stage at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the top venues worldwide. CCR’s show coincided with the time Paul McCartney had made the initial announcement about the Beatles’ disbandment, which started the band’s turbulent period. At the time, this performance was considered a chance for the band to reach a broader audience, as it coincided with the Beatles’ disbandment.

John Fogerty recently spoke to Billboard and commented on this performance. Fogerty said that CCR felt like they were in their peak period, which is why they considered this show an opportunity to replace the Beatles. Adding that other bands, such as the Rolling Stones, were also in the rock scene at that time, the artist stated that they thought this would create a competition for ‘being the best band.’

The former band member revealed how this opportunity made them feel as follows:

“I’m sure that I felt we were in our ascendency. I believe we were in England preparing to play at Albert Hall the first time right when the Beatles broke up, when the news was on everybody’s minds. I think it was within days, actually. The idea that the Beatles had broken up therefore led to quickly thinking, ‘Well, they’re not a band anymore, so who’s the No. 1 band? Gee, maybe it’s us!’

Some people would say that about us from time to time, but there couldn’t have been any official polling or anything. There were other bands that were around, like the Rolling Stones, that certainly could have been in contention.”

Craft Recordings released a documentary titled ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall’ on September 16. The documentary about the aforementioned show is being streamed on Netflix.