Michael Sweet: Stryper Is The Most Hated Band Of All Time

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet is convinced that his band is the most hated one in music history.

Since their formation in 1983, the rockers have been receiving hate comments and haters right until today. Recently, the singer took to Instagram to share his thoughts and explained how Stryper ‘proved the naysayers wrong.’ He wrote:

“Against all odds, we broke new ground. We broke barriers. We broke through walls. We shattered stereotypes and proved all the naysayers wrong.”

He added:

“We may very well be the most ‘hated’ band of all time but we’ve persevered and we’re still here. We are The Yellow & Black Attack. We are Stryper.”

The Truth About Stryper Being ‘The Worst Band’

Throughout his career, Sweet slammed the hate comments and the naysayers many times, and the recent one was only one of them.

The frontman once addressed the news source headlines that claimed Stryper was the worst band in the history of metal. While he did slam the comments, he added that there was some truth to it too:

“As funny as these headlines are, they hold some truth to the writers out there who have never given us a chance and base their opinions on having never even sat down to listen with an open mind and open ears.”

He said he was hearing some ‘cool stuff’ whenever he listens to his own music and that he would take what sucking sounded like:

“When I listen to Stryper (as an outsider and as unbiased as I possibly can be) I can hear some pretty cool stuff going on. And at the risk of sounding egotistical, I think Oz and I are one of the better guitar duos to have cranked those Mesas up and harmonize in the studio and on stage. I don’t know, maybe I’m just dreaming and we do suck. Oh well, if this is what ‘sucking’ looks and sounds like, I’ll take it.”

See Sweet’s post here.