Rob Zombie Guitarist John 5 Says He’s Struggling With Mental Health Problems


Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 uploaded a new video on his official Instagram account and saddened the community by unveiling his mental health status.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, most of the world forced to stay in self-quarantine to protect themselves since last year. However, this brought up lots of psychological problems.

There were lots of people who were struggling to find peace in their minds and motivation to move on. As we can see in John 5’s statement, he was one of the people who were dealing with mental health problems.

In the caption, John 5 admitted that he had been struggling with anxiety during the pandemic and said that he took a holistic route to overcome this situation. John 5 also mentioned that organic CBD he found on the internet was really helpful in this period.

Here is what John 5 said:

I was struggling like the rest of us through this pandemic with my anxiety. I particularly appreciate taking the holistic route when it comes to treating my mental health, and the organic CBD at Hemplucid really helped me get a handle on all of it. You should check them out. Super cool stuff and they’ve got a special sale going on today for 4/20.”

You can check out the post below.

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