Steve Harris Resembles Trivium To Metallica, Matt Heafy Says

Metallica‘s success might be attributed to various elements, and it seems like Trivium might also have one of those elements. At least, that’s what Iron Maiden‘s Steve Harris thought. Trivium frontman Matt Heafy disclosed to Meltdown’s podcast on the WRIF radio station why Harris remarked that the two bands shared a common trait.

Responsibility and discipline are essential factors that contribute to a band’s success. However, many band members get a bit too comfortable and struggle with discipline after achieving fame and success. Some might not participate in soundchecks or rehearsals as much as they used to during their band’s early days. Trivium, however, seemed to be as responsible as on day one.

Heafy recently recalled the period when they were the supporting act for Iron Maiden. During the tour, Trivium would always jam together and participate in soundchecks to ensure everything ran smoothly. Their discipline caught the attention of Steve Harris as the musician decided to pay a little compliment to the band with a remarkable comparison.

The Trivium frontman disclosed that Harris visited them after a soundcheck session and thanked them for always being there. The band had toured with Iron Maiden before, so Harris knew this wasn’t a one-time thing. The Maiden member remarked that Trivium had a lot of jam sessions, which they answered by saying that they loved to warm up before performances.

Steve then compared the band to Metallica by stating that the cult metal act would also always be there for the soundchecks. Metallica was the only band Harris had known to be that responsible. It was an honor for Matt Heafy and Trivium to be compared to Metallica, and the frontman stated that he would never forget Steve’s compliment.

Matt Heafy recalled Steve Harris’ statement and the common trait they had with Metallica:

“We did the Maiden run, and Steve Harris came in at the end of the soundcheck to thank us for being on the bill. We’ve toured with them before a lot. He looks around, and he’s like, ‘You guys play a lot, huh?’ I was, like, ‘Yeah, we just love to make sure we’re nice and warm.

And he was, like, ‘The only other band I’ve seen do that is Metallica.’ So the fact that Steve Harris compared us to Metallica in a small way, it’s another one of those amazing, amazing little instances. I’ll never forget that.”

It’s apparent from Harris’ statements that Metallica always knew of their responsibility as a band and always participated in the soundchecks to perform better. Matt Heafy was honored that Trivium was compared to Metallica and was happy they had a common trait with the cult metal band.