Myles Kennedy Explains His Collaborative Work With Slash For The New Song ‘The River Is Rising’

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy talked about the creation of their latest album and one of its tracks during his recent appearance on Heavy Consequence. Also, Kenndy told the story of how he and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash worked together for this song by sharing details.

Slash, Myles Kennedy, and The Conspirators have been collaborating on different projects since 2012. They released four studio albums until now, and the latest one, entitled ‘4,’ was dropped on February 11, 2022. The album got critical acclaim, and the musicians’ longtime fans became pleased and excited about their works other than GN’R or Alter Bridge. The album’s track ‘The River Is Rising’ was more popular than the others among their audience.

Thus, the host wanted Kennedy to explain their song’s inspiration, writing, and composing process in a recent conversation. The singer stated that it started with exchanging demos. Slash’s ‘The River Is Rising’ fascinated Kennedy, and he thought it would be fantastic right from the start. Then, he unveiled things about writing the lyrics, saying that he watched documentaries and read many things about the cults and their manipulative sides.

The cults’ effect on people worldwide drew the Alter Bridge singer’s attention and inspired him while creating the lyrics at that time. The song reflects on the meaning of truth, betrayal, and drowning in paradise. Consequently, Myles Kennedy and Slash formed a great friendship and partnership over the years, and they will keep creating and releasing groundbreaking and well-crafted works like this famous track.

In Kennedy’s words, he said:

“I remember when Slash and I were trading demos, and he sent that demo. I remember right out of the gate. I was like, ‘This is cool and going to be awesome.’ Something about it grabbed me from the get-go. So, as far as the narrative and lyrics go, during that period, I was watching documentaries and reading a lot about cults of personality and the ideas of how poison ideas spread and how people can be manipulated. It was something that I was fascinated so what’s that song goes into the subject matter.”

You can check out the interview and the song below.