Tina Weymouth Accuses David Byrne Of Exploiting Talking Heads

Talking Heads came and went like a storm. Although they didn’t spend much time in the music scene actively, they knew how to leave a mark with their impeccable music and image. The band members still talk about each other in interviews, and recently in a series of essays on Sunday Times, Tina Weymouth accused her bandmate David Byrne of using the band members for his own gain and called him insecure.

The band had announced in 1991 that they had disbanded right after their commercial peak. The official reason for their breakup was that the band members went separate ways in their creative and personal lives. That was the time David Byrne was starting to take control of the band’s affairs, sound, and direction, which caused tension between the members. They all focused on their solo projects, and Byrne was heading uphill in his solo career.

Even though it’s been decades since their breakup, the band members still talk about each other, and the bassist, Tina Weymouth, recently spoke up about David Byrne. She spilled the tea on the internal affairs of the band and said that David used the band members to get his way. Talking about this cold manner of the singer, the bassist also said that he would put the blame on other people when something went downhill because he was insecure.

Weymouth said:

“I recently described David Byrne as Trumpian, which didn’t go down well with everybody. What I meant was that, from my experience, everything with David is transactional – he will use you until he has no more use for you.

He always seemed very insecure about himself and would often try to blame other people if things went wrong. Chris and I loved him dearly, and we did our best to overlook these disastrous character flaws, but it seemed obvious that Talking Heads wasn’t going to last.”

It’s sad that they were all aware of the flaws of David and the band but decided to overlook them. However, they also saw the end of the band coming and predicted it beforehand. The band may have dissolved long ago, but it’s 2023, and their songs are still appreciated and widely listened to.