Glenn Hughes Will Miss The Dead Daisies Shows Due To His Illness

On their official Facebook account, the Dead Daisies members announced that Glenn Hughes will not be able to participate in the band’s tour due to health problems.

Glenn Hughes played bass for Deep Purple in the mid-70s and achieved great success and fame on a global scale. He was a band member until they announced their disbandment in ’76. Later, he collaborated with many legendary bands, such as Black Sabbath and Phenomena. Most recently, he was fronting the Dead Daisies.

The Dead Daisies are a supergroup, and since their first appearance in the rock scene in 2013, they have collaborated with Dizzy Reeds of Guns N’ Roses, John Corabi of Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, and many other iconic names. In September 2019, they released ‘Righteous Days,’ announcing that Glenn Hughes would join them as their lead singer and bassist.

Since 2019, the band has been engaged in many live performances. During the European tours they held the last summer, they temporarily replaced Glenn with Yogi Lonich after he tested positive for COVID-19. Recently, they were again hitting the roads for their US Fall tour. However, this tour did not go as planned due to Glenn’s health issues.

In a recent Facebook post, the Dead Daisies announced that they would continue on their way to Chicago as part of their current tour. In reply to the comments, they revealed Glenn wouldn’t continue performing due to his health condition. In the same comment, they stated that they hope Glenn will recover soon, and they will continue their tour by replacing him with Dino Jelusick.

The Facebook comment of the Dead Daisies in reply to a fan reads:

“Yes, unfortunately, Glenn has taken ill and is unable to perform… We are all devastated as we know people have traveled and were looking forward to rocking out with us. We tried to make it work, but it was just too short notice. Luckily Dino has kindly agreed to rejoin and help us out until Glenn is better for the rest of the tour.”

As part of the North American Tour, they plan to perform in Los Angeles, Roseville, Portland and Seattle until the end of September. They did not make a statement about the latest state of Glenn’s health, but fans hope the supergroup members will reunite soon.