Stewart Copeland Admits Going To Therapy With Sting And Andy Summers

The Police‘s music career was marked by conflicts between band members, eventually resulting in the band’s disbandment in 2008. Looking back on those times, Stewart Copeland spoke to Flea during a recent episode of This Little Light, revealing he, Sting, and Andy Summers tried going to therapy to solve the issues between them.

Recalling the time the Police had a ‘band counselor,’ Steward Copeland said the following:

“We actually had a counselor come down, made us say stuff, got it all set, and blew each other’s minds. We realized that it wasn’t because we were trying to destroy each other; it was for perfectly valid, honorable reasons that we had a conflict, that we really strongly believe in how music should be.”

He continued, revealing the real cause of conflict between them:

“As a younger sibling, I am a little more malleable, and I recognize that there is more than one musical truth. But Sting, as the eldest in his family, was not quite so malleable. And for him, any infringement on the perfection of his vision was very difficult to deal with. By the way; he did deal with it — because he understood the synergy and the co-dependence in the early days, at least. He was actually against his grain.”

Revealing the issues between Sting and the rest of the band, Copeland added:

“We held onto it for probably three albums longer than we deserve because he actually was a team player. But he had this very clear vision of what music should be, as we all did, which made it very difficult for him to deal with compromise, and for us to deal with his difficulty with compromise. But at the end of the day, after all that struggle, I think all three of us were pretty pleased with the result.

You can listen to the full interview below.