The Singer That Made Brian May Nervous About Meeting

Meeting someone for the first time causes nervousness for many. However, one doesn’t probably expect a worldwide-famous musician to feel stressed about meeting another musician. Seeing legendary artists and bands many would dream about encountering is an everyday occasion for many rock stars.

In this case, Brian May, who worked for years with the world-renowned and globally recognized rock icon, the Queen, felt pressure before meeting another superstar. Although May is known worldwide for the hits he wrote for Queen like ‘We Will Rock You’ or ‘I Want It All,’ meeting a singer caused nervousness at one time.

Brian May Was Anxious About Meeting PSY

PSY is almost known by anyone for his global hit ‘Gangnam Style.’ This song was hugely successful after its release, and its music video now has around 4,4 billion views on YouTube. The track is celebrating its tenth anniversary and its tremendous cultural impact upon its release.

In 2013, PSY revealed in an interview with Scott Mills of BBC Radio 1 that he had plans to collaborate with Brian May on a song. He admitted he had been an avid fan of Queen, so he was excited about this collab. PSY also noted that he would have lunch with May the next day, and they would probably talk about that project.

Here is what PSY told Scott Mills of BBC Radio during the show:

“You remember that I was and I am a huge fan of the rock band Queen? It seems like I will have a brunch with Brian May tomorrow.”

Asked whether he plans to collaborate with May, PSY added:

“Seems like it. I don’t know, I’m just going to eat tomorrow, but I’m super excited. The band was an inspiration to me since I was 14 or 15 until now.”

As PSY was excited to meet May, so did the guitarist. In an interview at the Kerrang! Awards in 2013, May stated that he learned PSY was a massive Queen fan who embarked on a music career because of them. He then revealed that he was pretty nervous before meeting the South Korean singer, and as PSY was also nervous, they sat there without saying anything for a while.

Brian May said the following at 2013 Kerrang! Awards:

“It turns out he’s a massive Queen fan, and he says he’s in the business because of us, which is always nice to hear. I was quite nervous about meeting him. The guy’s had 1.6 billion views on YouTube. It turns out that he was pretty nervous too. So we just sat there and looked at each other for a while. Then we had a good conversation, and it was nice. It was a friendly lunch.”

Although they mentioned a collaboration, there is no news on whether PSY and Brian May collaborated on a music work. Moreover, May had received criticism from most fans for collaborating with a pop artist, but he argued that ‘rock and roll is not a closed shop.’