Billy Joel Addresses Bob Dylan Selling His Music Catalog

Following Bob Dylan’s decision to sell his music catalog to Universal Music Group, Billy Joel talked about how he would feel if he sold his music catalog.

In December 2020, singer and songwriter Bob Dylan sold his entire music catalog to Universal Music Group and gave up his right over his music. The singer’s entire archive consists of over 600 songs, and they are estimated to be worth around $300 Million.

Even though he increased his net worth with this money, Dylan now doesn’t have a say on how his songs can be used. The money can be appealing, but the results can be emotionally destructive. Hence, this is why Billy Joel wouldn’t want to sell his music catalog.

In his recent interview with Howard Stern, Joel stated that his songs are like his babies, and he loves to have the rights over them because he would be able to say no if they were to be used in toilet paper commercials. However, he admitted that if someone offered him a billion dollars, he wouldn’t say no as he is from Levitt town.

Here is what he stated over the connection with his songs:

“There have been offers for me to sell it, which I haven’t accepted. Look, for enough money, I guess everything’s for sale. What’s that in the Godfather? ‘After all, we’re not communists.’ But right now, I still have control of how these songs are used. I have a say over how they’re licensed. If they wanna be used for a commercial for an underarm spray or toilet paper, I can say no. But sometimes I say yes because I am a fan of broadcast.

Sometimes an advertisement will get to more people than regular radio play will. So, I’m the one who picks and chooses how it gets used, and if I sell my catalog, I give that power up, I give that control up. They’re my children, I think of my songs as my kids. I went through a pregnancy and labor with these songs. I remember how hard I worked on them, and I don’t necessarily want to give that permission away. For now, my kids are utilized.”

He continued and confessed that for a billion dollars, he would consider it:

“I don’t think it’s worth that much. I don’t know who would pay that. But if somebody came to me with a billion dollars, what am I going to say, ‘No?’ I’m from Levitt town.”

You can watch him speak about this below.