Chad Smith Holds Hands And Jams With Tool’s Danny Carey

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith recently shared a video on Twitter where he played drums with Tool’s Danny Carey while holding hands, enjoying their jam session.

Chad Smith has been considered among the most outstanding drummers, primarily due to his contributions to RHCP since 1988. He has collaborated with names like Johnny Cash, Geezer Butler, and Joe Satriani throughout his career spanning over 30 years. The rocker has explored genres such as funk-rock and alternative rock in his sound, influenced by other musicians like Keith Moon and Neil Peart. His drum technique is characterized by his ghost notes and fast right foot.

Besides Smith, Danny Carey is known for his drumming style and songwriting contributions. Music critics say he is among the most significant drummers like Smith. He has created heavy metal and progressive metal sounds, combining them with jazz in his playing. Smith and Carey had come together in the past for an ad-hoc group consisting of Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney, and Dave Navarro to cover selected songs from the ’70s and ’80s.

Recently, the pair was featured in a video that not only surprised their fans but also made them smile. These two drummers, who are known to have different styles, played holding hands in the video shared by Smith. Some fans expressed astonishment at seeing them together, while others conveyed their happiness to see their favorite drummers close to each other. Some even humorously came up with a band name and called them Tooly Peppers.

Chad Smith wrote the following as a caption for the video:

Danny and Chaddy swing.”

You can check out the tweet below.