Brian May Reminisces About The Romantic Journey He Had With Roger Taylor

In a recent interview on the July 2022 edition of Uncut, Queen’s Brian May talked about the inspiration behind ‘Brighton Rock.’ The guitarist revealed that he drew inspiration from a romantic journey with Roger Taylor.

The song, ‘Brighton Rock,’ featured on Queen’s third studio album, ‘Sheer Heart Attack,’ released in 1974. It was the opening track of the album. The song features more than a three-minute-long guitar solo performed live by Brian May in many concerts since its release. Besides writing the lyrics, May contributed to the piece with his unique guitar sound layered with multiple echoes.

The track tells the story of a young couple named Jenny and Jimmy who are away on holiday in Brighton. Jenny doesn’t want her mother to find out about their affair, but she keeps writing a letter to Jimmy every day. The song increased its popularity after appearing in two scenes of the 2017 Edgar Wright film ‘Baby Driver.’

During his recent interview, Brian May revealed that the song’s lyrics were about the romantic journey he had with Roger Taylor in Brighton. May and Taylor met two girls in the city in their early days, and the song came about after this brief encounter. The guitarist admits that he has never been very good at romantic relationships, yet he can’t imagine a life without romance anyway.

The inspiration behind ‘Brighton Rock’ in Brian May’s words:

“The lyrics were actually based entirely on a romance I had in Brighton. Roger and I went down to Brighton and met two girls in our very, very early days. Life is all about romance, isn’t it? I’ve never been very good at it! But you can’t exist without those yearnings and desires.”

You can listen to the song below.