The Most ‘Boring’ Time Of The Beatles, According To George Harrison

Every music band starts their career with high hopes and big goals. However, it is usually not easy to put all the puzzle pieces together on the way to building a massive success story. Still, the Beatles managed to create an epic tale. The band single-mindedly took the right steps to achieve their dream, which didn’t go unnoticed by music lovers from all around the world.

The Fab Four, each possessing raw musical talent, perfectly complemented one another and made it to the top of the music world thanks to their enormous drive and perseverance. Even though they had the money and success to keep going after a certain point, the band never stopped working on new ideas and material.

Yet, coping with the consequences of fame has never been a smooth process to handle. While Beatlemania was taking over the whole world, the band’s rising popularity was expected to make all the band members extremely happy and satisfied. It must indeed have done that at some point, but it didn’t have much to offer for George Harrison as long as he couldn’t do what he really wanted.

Why Did George Harrison Get Bored Of The Beatles?

The Beatles’ remarkable musical journey took off in the north of England in the very early 1960s. After touring endlessly, gaining national recognition, and building a devoted fan base there, the band made their way to the United States in 1964, aiming to become international stars. During this period, they reached enormous sales in other countries, too.

Their 1965 Shea Stadium concert marked the first time a band had played at a major outdoor stadium. It was a pivotal moment in rock and roll history and the peak of Beatlemania. Although it may sound like a dream-come-true period for all the band members, it was beyond George Harrison’s expectations. In an interview with Ritchie Yorke in 1969, the guitarist expressed his dissatisfaction with the course of their careers.

Harrison stated that the beginning period of their career in the UK was pretty good, but then when they began getting famous, producing their own songs, and constantly hitting the road to promote them, they faced the monotonous aspect of fame. They started to play the same songs over and over to different audiences in various places.

So, they now didn’t have much to say about what they wanted to sing because the concertgoers demanded them to play their hits. However, the musician would prefer to sing whatever he wanted rather than repeatedly play the same stuff. This situation became boring for the guitarist because he felt trapped in it after a certain point.

Here are George Harrison’s words on why he got bored with the Beatles:

“It was sort of a slow process. At first, it was really nice to be booked on someplace and know that the people were coming to – because we’d had hit records. And we started to make a bit of money, and they came, and – and we always had new songs to promote and stuff, but… when we really got big, it was… we were – got very bored with it because we had to do, really – we had to do ‘She Loves You’ and things.

And it was not bad at first, but – but then we just got tired of it, and we were trapped ourselves because we couldn’t really play anything else. We didn’t have time to do anything else other than our own songs. And it got all very boring for us. And then the concerts got bigger and bigger until – I dunno if you saw the Shea Stadium film.”

Although fame and popularity seem exciting to many people, they also have the potential to deprive one of many things. George Harrison got to such a dull point that playing with the Beatles and singing to thousands of fans didn’t satisfy him anymore. Rather than stardom, he wanted to be free in what he wanted to do musically.