Ted Nugent Says Most Rock Stars Are Dirtbags

Rock veteran Ted Nugent celebrated his son Theodore Fleetwood Nugent’s 53rd birthday during a recent live stream on his official YouTube channel. While praising his son, Nugent said he’s so much better than a rock star since most rock stars are just dirtbags.

For those of you who may not know, Ted Nugent fathered a boy and a girl, both of whom he gave up for adoption in infancy in the late 1960s, before his first marriage. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact until the daughter’s request to contact their birth parents.

In one of his articles, Nugent penned those times and said that he and his girlfriend weren’t ready to raise a child when his son Theodore Fleetwood Nugent was born on October 28, 1968. The couple reluctantly handed off their baby to a Catholic adoption agency, and they later broke up.

Since the rocker didn’t want to interrupt his son’s new life with his adoptive family, he didn’t contact him for a long time despite desperately wanting to see him. However, on Theodore’s 42nd birthday, the three met thanks to his sister Louisa for the first time.

In his article, Nugent penned:

“My girlfriend was at the hotel with our brand new son, Theodore Fleetwood Nugent, and we both knew that we were not ready to raise a child, so we reluctantly handed off this beautiful baby to a Catholic adoption agency, certain we were doing the right thing.

Well, long story short, on October 28, 2010, on his 42nd birthday, the planets aligned, and with the help of his sister Louisa (another amazing story unto itself) the three of us met together for the very first time since his birth, and what a wonderful, glorious, emotional and incredibly happy reunion it was!”

During a recent live stream on his official YouTube channel, Ted Nugent celebrated the 53rd birthday of his ‘perfect’ son Theodore Fleetwood Nugent. The rocker praised his child by saying that everybody around him loves Theodore since he is a positive and herculean person. He also didn’t forget to mention all of his kids’ names and said he loves every single one of them. 

According to him, Theodore’s sister Louisa thinks he’s a rock star. However, Nugent feels like his son is much better than a rock star since nearly all rock stars are actually dirtbags. While these words may sound surprising considering Nugent is a rock star himself, they are pretty standard coming from him as Nugent has a reputation for slamming rock stars.

Ted Nugent celebrated his son’s birthday with this statement:

“Today is the most important day, more important than my unbelievable guitar tsunami of soulful grind. My son, my wonderful, amazing, perfect son Theodore Fleetwood Nugent was born 53 years ago today in New York City. Fleetwood, everybody loves you. What a positive, herculean, work ethic man in the arena.

Boy, if anybody’s is approached samurai, it’s my kids. Rocco, you’re samurai, Toby is a samurai, Sasha, Louisa, Heather, Chantal, you all are Samurais. I love my children. Today, happy birthday Fleetwood. My daughter Louisa said how much she loves Fleetwood. She said he’s a rock star. No, he’s way better than a rock star, most rock stars are actually dirtbags or at least goofy.”

You can watch the live stream below.