Ted Nugent Says ‘Comfortably Numb Is Actually Uncomfortably Dumb’


Ted Nugent recently claimed that ‘comfortably numb’ is actually ‘uncomfortably dumb’ in a Facebook Livestream.

Ted Nugent makes his stance against drug use clear at any time possible. The musician is the spokesman of Drug Abuse Resistance Education and is firmly against any substance abuse. According to Nugent, drugs are for the weak ones, and he is proud of never using any drugs in his entire life.

In his recent Livestream on Facebook, Ted Nugent talked about being comfortably numb. As you may know, the phrase is often associated with substance use and the feeling of numbness resulting from it. On the other hand, the iconic rock band Pink Floyd also has a song with the same name exploring the aforementioned feeling.

However, according to Uncle Ted, substance use makes one not comfortably numb but uncomfortably dumb. In his live video, he first talked about his Ted Nugent Kamp for kids and said that it teaches children the American Dream can only be experienced while being clean and sober.

Following that, Nugent said people who think the American Dream means being ‘comfortably numb’ are actually ‘stupid‘ due to substance abuse. The musician then added they don’t know what being attentive and alive means, so they are not comfortably numb but actually uncomfortably dumb.

Ted Nugent said in his Livestream on Facebook that:

“Those who think I’m not okay are complete turds, just literally sub-human excrement of the devil. So, I continue with my Ted Nugent Kamp for kids. Wonderful charity, 501(c)(3), non-profit, totally volunteer.

Thank you, Paul Ward, Kevin, Rich, Roger, and Carol. Thank you all you hard workers who make the Ted Nugent Kamp for kids such a success. Teaching children that the American dream is only optimized and ultimately experienced while being clean and sober.

Comfortably numb? Not so much. Tuned out? No. You might think that’s the American dream because you become stupid through substance abuse, and you don’t know what true attentiveness and aliveness are. Because comfortably numb is actually uncomfortably dumb. So, I celebrate the positive and the good way outweighs the bad and the ugly.”

You can watch the rest of the video below.