RHCP’s Flea Has A Request From Lakers About Lebron James

Almost every Red Hot Chili Peppers fan knows that Flea is a die-hard Lakers fan. However, he is disappointed with the Lakers’ performance in the current season. In one of his recent tweets, the bassist addressed this issue and asked the Lakers to do something not to waste Lebron James’ talent while he is at the top of his career.

“Dear Rob Pelinka, do something now,” tweeted Flea, addressing the Lakers’ general manager to take action. “Either blow it all up and rebuild or mortgage the future to fix the lack of chemistry and skill on this basketball team. Do not let another season meander its way down the drain, wasting the great Lebron James’ sunset of his career.

Flea has been a long-time supporter of the Lakers. He often goes to watch his favorite team play and has a ‘Go Lakers!’ tattoo on his arm. In 2021, the bassist even considered buying stakes in the Lakers. However, Flea has a tumultuous relationship with the team. When he isn’t pleased with the Lakers’ performance, he uses Twitter to voice his opinions.

The Lakers became champions two seasons before, but their performance gradually decreased after that. The team is now on a losing streak and disappointing their fans with their performance. This drastic failure is something the Lakers fans are not familiar with, so Flea believes the team needs urgent action to gather their strength.