Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Opens Up About Mental Health Issues Triggered By Losing Five People Due To Cancer

Imagine Dragons‘ lead singer Dan Reynolds opened up about the band’s upcoming studio album during a recent interview with Kyle Meredith, and apparently, the upcoming album depicts death from Reynold’s eyes, a topic which was focused especially after losing five people due to cancer in his life for the past four years.

As many of you know, Imagine Dragons’ latest album was ‘Origins’ which was the band’s fourth studio album released on November 9, 2018. The album received generally favorable reviews both from critics and fans as well as giving birth to a number of greatest songs of the band such as ‘Natural,’ ‘Bad Liar,’ and ‘Machine.’

Since then, the band released two brand new songs ‘Follow You’ and ‘Cutthroat’ on March 12, 2021, the tracks represent the two sides of a coin as ‘Follow You’ is about loyalty and love, meanwhile ‘Cutthroat’ is on the opposite side of the record, describing self-pity.

While musically Dan Reynolds and his band are releasing amazing works, his personal life has been falling apart when it comes to his mental health since it’s a widely known fact that Reynolds has been struggling with depression for a long time. Despite opening up about his struggles numerous times with his fans through his social media accounts, the successful musician kept on drowning in the middle of his psychological crisis.

Fortunately, Imagine Dragons lead vocalist shared a post on his official Twitter page at the beginning of April, revealing that he has been working on his mental health lately since his fans, his family, and himself deserve him to be mentally healthy. Reynolds also stated that he has been trying to bring the ‘Happy Dan’ which was lost for the past three years on stage and that’s what he wants to be once again.

Now that he’s in the process of recovery after experiencing major depression, Dan Reynolds recently opened up about the upcoming studio album of the band during an interview and stated that the record actually represents the death from his perspective as well as how the world sees it.

While revealing the death theme of the album, Imagine Dragons’ singer opened up about how losing five important people in his life because of cancer including his business manager, ex-girlfriend, the wife of his brother, affected him personally and in the making of this record.

Apparently, the greatest struggle Reynolds had in his life has always been depression and anxiety which was triggered by the passing of loved ones, however, made him realize how precious life is as it can instantly vanish. Therefore, Reynolds managed to channel his realization and pain into his art and wanted to create things before the inevitable death finds him.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

This record primarily dives thematically into the finality of life. That’s the focus of the whole record, honestly, every Dragons record I’ve ever written about has been to some degree about mental health because it’s just my greatest struggle, it’s depression and anxiety I’ve dealt with it for a lot of years. Primarily when I’m writing music that’s what I’m writing about or crisis of faith with Mormonism in my early years but that’s not really a thing for me anymore.

This record is really about the finality of life more for the case that in the last three, four years I’ve lost five people in my life that I was very close to. My business manager of a decade passed away from cancer, my ex-girlfriend passed away from cancer very unexpectedly, my sister-in-law, brother’s wife and they have seven kids together, passed away of cancer came on in a year. I happened to even be in the hospital room with her when she passed with my brother. Anybody who experiences death on a level where you’re actually in the room and you see someone and they’re there with you and then you’re gone, it shakes you.”

He continued:

“It shook me beyond anything I could explain because you suddenly really realize the thing that nobody wants to talk about because it’s scary and sad which is we’re here and you could be gone like that. It sounds trite but if you think about that I’m here right now, I’ve been gone tomorrow, ‘Am I doing everything I want to do every day?’ because if I’m not what the hell am I doing?

Why would you live one second of your life for anything else that’s really ingrained in your mind and the same is with my art. It made me reapproach this whole record and all my art differently being faced with that. Just made me wanna be completely honest and just say my truth and not think about any other pressures, any other outside, anything. This record goes into that finality of life, what that feels like inside my head, what that looks like outside.”

You can see the interview down below.