RHCP’s Flea Reflects On Golden States Warriors’ Title Chance After Klay Thompson’s Return

Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea shared his reaction about the possibility of the Golden State Warriors’ championship for 2021 via his official Twitter account.

As you might already know, Flea is a huge fan of basketball as well as being an awesome musician, and he has been supporting Los Angeles Lakers for such long time that nobody even remembers it.

Yesterday, Flea saw a tweet about the return of Warriors’ one of the biggest threats, Klay Thompson, and it was saying that there is a high chance that they could win the trophy.

However, Flea did not agree with that opinion. While he was saying that there is no way Warriors could win the championship, he also stated that the Golden State dynasty is over, and it’s now time for the Lakers to shine.

Here is what Flea said:

“No way! the window of opportunity has closed that dynasty is over its laker time!”

You can check out the post below.