The Eric Clapton Song That Phil Collins Boosted By His Vocals And Drums


Rock legend Eric Clapton played with several famous bands like the Yardbirds, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and Cream before stepping into his longtime solo journey. When he joined the Yardbirds in 1963, his distinctive playing style quickly drew attention and helped him build a reputation as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Although his guitar virtuosity made him famous in the first place, Clapton’s ability in singing and songwriting started to shine out during his time in Cream.

Despite Cream’s short-lived music journey, the band gained vast commercial success and moved Clapton’s guitar playing to a different level. Eric Clapton faced several personal problems at the beginning of his solo career but later on, he managed to come through those and climbed the ladder of success step by step. His playing style was blues-oriented but he also experimented with various music genres like rock, reggae, jazz, and pop.

The legendary drummer Phil Collins, on the other hand, has built a successful career starting from the 1970s. When he joined Genesis as the lead singer after Peter Gabriel’s departure, there were doubts about the future of Genesis but Collins’ stunning performance dispelled them.

Collins’ solo journey starting in the 1980s has also gained enormous success and he has released eight solo studio albums up today. Phil Collins managed to prove himself both with a band and also in a solo career. Collins is accepted among the most versatile musicians of all time as he has the great ability to revolve around different sounds.

Eric Clapton And Phil Collins Collaborated On The Song ‘Bad Love’


Two great musicians, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins have teamed up for the first time in Clapton’s ninth solo studio album, ‘Behind the Sun,’ released in 1985. Phil Collins played drum machines and synthesizers in some of the tracks and he was also one of the co-producers of the album.

After the release of ‘Behind the Sun,’ Clapton and Collins collaborated again in Clapton’s next albums, ‘August’ and ‘Journeyman.’ Phil Collins contributed to the albums with backing and harmony vocals as well as his drum and percussion sounds. The hit song ‘Bad Love’ was released as the first single of ‘Journeyman.’

Phil Collins played drums and also handled the harmony background vocals in the track. Eric Clapton won a Grammy award in the category of Best Rock Vocal Performance with ‘Bad Love.’ The song was an international success with a sale of at least 250,000 copies.

The song was immediately followed by a black-and-white music video after its release. The video also featured Phil Collins, Nathan East, and Greg Phillinganes along with Eric Clapton. Collins’ splendid contribution to ‘Bad Love’ was highly praised among the listeners. They agreed on the fact that Collins’ recognizable drumming style boosted the song.

When you listen to the song, it is impossible not to notice Phil Collins’ signature playing and also the harmony between him and Clapton, which led to an unforgettable performance. It is not only about his drums, Collins also sounds great in the back vocals. As world-class musicians, Clapton and Collins did an amazing job together.

You can listen to the great collaboration of Eric Clapton and Phil Collins, ‘Bad Love,’ below.