David Lee Roth’s Screening Process Of Picking Groupies: Diamond Dave’s Bonus Program

The former Van Halen frontman and successful solo artist, David Lee Roth, is known for a lot of reasons; for his music career, visual art, radio show, and more. However, he is most famous for his on-stage performances and post-concert shenanigans which were very naughty and sexual, to say the least.

Although the culture of finding groupies became mainstream during the ’80s in the rock scene, it was no other than David Lee Roth who made this process faster. He was the one who came up with the idea of giving his roadies backstage passes to give to ‘qualifying’ fans, and the roadie that would bring in the best groupie would get a prize.

What Is Diamond Dave’s Bonus Program?

So, as the name suggests, David Lee Roth would give a bonus to the people who would help him out in his search for the perfect groupie. Apparently, he would give five backstage passes to each member of the crew to distribute during every show and the person that brought in the woman that Roth would ultimately sleep with would get $100.

The other groupies that Diamond Dave didn’t sleep with would stay backstage and Roth had told his crew that they can hang out with them too after loading the band’s stage gear to the trucks. This promise actually increased crew efficiency and cut the time it took to tear down the whole stage at the end of the night in half.

Did David Lee Roth Have His Penis Insured?

During the peak of Van Halen’s popularity and success, David Lee Roth’s life was fueled with drugs, alcohol, parties, sex, and other crazy antics. It was around that time that a woman started a paternity suit against Eddie Van Halen which was later dropped, but it inspired Diamond Dave to try and have his penis insured.

Roth approached his lawyers and asked them whether he could get his ‘little Elvis‘ insured for the low price of $1 million. It was rumored that he actually got it insured with Lloyd’s of London. In a later interview, he revealed that there’s some truth to the rumor as he did suggest this when their manager said that they should get Eddie Van Halen’s fingers insured.

Here’s what David Lee Roth said about insuring his ‘little Elvis’:

“Somebody said ‘We’ll have to insure Edward’s fingers because he’s gonna be using those a lot on the road. And Alex Van Halen’s elbows, you know. Drummers use their elbows a lot, we’re gonna have to insure those elbows because he’s gonna be using those a lot.’ And I said ‘What about Little Elvis? We’re gonna be using him a lot.'”

You can watch the interview in which Diamond Dave talked about insuring his penis below.