Maynard James Keenan Says He Doesn’t Enjoy Live Shows As Much As He Does Writing And Recording

Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan opened up about getting back on the road after spending a year without live performances with a live audience because of the coronavirus pandemic and apparently, Keenan prefers writing and recording songs rather than performing on live shows.

As many of you know, despite the music industry was put on a hold and had to find out alternative ways for live performances such as live-streaming shows when the coronavirus pandemic started, live performances with a live audience seems to be in the near future just like everything else, however, both fans and musicians are still skeptical about the matter.

During an interview, Puscifer’s frontman revealed his opinions about the future of live shows and stated that he’s still into performing via online streaming, however, he’s hopeful for the future, and live shows will come back eventually, according to Keenan.

Maynard James Keenan, once again, opened up about going back on touring during a more recent interview and stated that while fans are eager to see their favorite bands on stage, Puscifer is going to perform via live-streaming shows until it’s completely safe to do a show with the live audience.

In addition to this, the legendary frontman revealed that he does not necessarily miss touring due to the fact that he actually enjoys the writing and recording process rather than live performances which is quite surprising for a musician who has a career filled with countless live shows.

Here is what Keenan said:

“We’re assuming that even with people’s enthusiasm to get back to live shows, there’s definitely gonna be a ‘let’s see what happens’ situation. But when the floodgates open, believe me. We’re on the road. Until then, I’m doing the live streams. We’re writing songs. We’re doing what we do when we can’t tour. We don’t sit still. We find a way around.

I just like to write songs. I like to write stories and do stuff. The live performance was, in a way, kind of a necessary evil. I enjoy it. But I don’t enjoy it as much as I do writing and recording.”

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