Sammy Hagar Sees Himself As The Logan Roy Of ‘Succession’

In a recent Instagram post, Sammy Hagar transformed himself and business partner Guy Fieri into characters from ‘Succession’ to celebrate Fieri’s birthday.

The Red Rocker shared a photoshopped image of the Roy family from ‘Succession,’ casting himself as the patriarch Logan Roy and Fieri as his son Kendall Roy. This photo shows the strong partnership and business ventures of Hagar and Fieri in real life. Hagar’s post caption said:

“With a combined age of 132 years, we got this. Happy birthday, my Agave brother! Here’s to crushing it in 24.”

The singer also tagged their joint tequila business, Santo Spirit, changing the first letter of ‘Succession’ to match the brand’s logo.

Understanding ‘Succession’

In HBO’s ‘Succession,’ Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, is the founder of a global media and entertainment empire. His son Kendall, portrayed by Jeremy Strong, often struggles with his father’s legacy, aspiring to take over the business. This dynamic mirrors Hagar and Fieri’s real-life relationship, where Hagar, like Logan, is the experienced founder, and Fieri, like Kendall, brings his own flair and ambition to their ventures.

Celebrating A Longtime Friendship

This is not the first time Hagar has celebrated his friend and business partner’s birthday. Back in 2021, he shared another post for Fieri’s 53rd birthday, writing:

“Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother, Guy Fieri! We’ve been throwing this party for over 20 years. I think we’re starting to get good at it!”

Responding to Hagar’s 2021 birthday post, Fieri commented:

“Partners in crime is right! Thanks, Brutha!”

Hagar has been a significant player in the tequila industry since launching his Cabo Wabo brand in 1991. After nearly three decades in the business, the musician has teamed up with celebrity chef Guy Fieri for a new venture: Santo Spirit, introduced in 2017. Santo Spirit, under Hagar and Fieri’s guidance, has introduced a range of tequila varieties to the market, including Blanco, Reposado, a blend called Mezquila, and Anejo.

You can see Hagar’s post below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram