Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler’s Daughter Mia Says She Feels Guilty After The Tragic Death Of Jimmy Webb

In a recent Instagram post, Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia Tyler revealed her feelings about the death of punk singer Jimmy Webb, who passed a year ago.

Mia firstly shared a picture of Jimmy while he was celebrating the birthday of her birthday four years ago, and you can see in the post that he was having lots of fun while playing with Mia’s kid.

In the caption, Mia admitted that she is crying for Jimmy because she has guilt for not seeing him again after they left New York and not communicating with him on phone frequently.

While explaining why she is really sad about Jimmy’s death and showing her regrets, Mia also praised the personality of Jimmy. According to Mia, he was such a humble person who always gave everyone a moment of his time.

Here is what Mia Tyler said:

“There are only 2 people I cry sad tears for. My Mama & Jimmy. It’s kinda bittersweet that it’s these two because they had such similar souls. They both loved a good bottle of peroxide and a great party with Iggy blasting through the speakers.

Today marks one year that Jimmy is gone. I think I cry for him still because I have guilt. The guilt I didn’t get to see him again after we left NY. The guilt I didn’t FaceTime him before he passed. The guilt I didn’t give him a few more moments of my time before he moved on to another realm.

He always gave everyone a moment or two of his time, no matter who you were. He truly was the kindest soul I have ever met. I have my old NY phone still and half the reason I refuse to give it up is because of the many many many messages he left me over the years.”

She continued:

“I just love hearing his laugh. I almost posted the last one he left me, but he sounded so tired and not himself. So I found this one he left me on my bday 4 years ago. He loved all celebrations. I’m glad I got to know him on a deep level.

He had a way of charging my heart every time I saw him. I remember him rubbing and hugging my very pregnant belly. He loved my Son even before he met him. It was so precious to see them light up together. He’s forever in my heart and thoughts. Love you, Jimmy, forever!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram