Aerosmith Performs For The First Time After The Pandemic

Aerosmith recently appeared on the stage to play their first show in Bangor, Maine, after the cancellations and postponements due to the global pandemic.

On August 15, 2018, Aerosmith announced a residency in Las Vegas dubbed ‘Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild.’ The name of this tour is a reference to casino gambling and their 1994 single of the same name. The Vegas residency took place between April and September and throughout December 2019. Due to high demand, Aerosmith decided to add more dates to their tour.

Unfortunately, the newly-added dates in early 2020 were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Besides, their other shows in 2020 were also canceled for the same reason. Although Aerosmith planned to perform in the summer of 2021, they had to postpone their shows again to the summer of 2022.

In March 2022, Aerosmith announced their plans to continue the Deuces Are Wild Residency and expand it from June through December. However, they had to cancel the dates in June and July because Steven Tyler entered rehab after relapsing due to his Morton’s Neuroma diagnosis and foot surgery. So, the band had to reschedule for September.

On September 4, Aerosmith managed to perform after all of these postponements. The show took place in Bangor, Maine, after a break of two and a half years. As Joey Kramer took a temporary hiatus, their drum technician John Douglas filled in for him during the gig. The band’s next show will be on September 8 in Boston, and they will re-launch their Vegas residency on September 14.

Below, you can watch Aerosmith perform their ‘Back In The Saddle’ at the Bangor show.