Adam Lambert Says Brian May Admitted Freddie Mercury Was Weak During The Recording Of ‘The Show Must Go On’

Adam Lambert gave an interview to Entertainment Today Canada in which he revealed that Brian May told him Freddie Mercury was feeling very weak while recording the Queen hit ‘The Show Must Go On.’

‘The Show Must Go On’ was featured in Queen’s 1991 ‘Innuendo’ and is the twelfth and final track of the album. Although the song is credited to Queen, it was mainly written by Brian May. Moreover, ‘The Show Must Go On’ was recorded when Freddie Mercury was struggling with AIDS while trying to keep it a secret.

On November 4, ABC aired a special television program named ‘The Queen Family Singalong.’ Hosted by Darren Criss, the program featured musicians’ performances of Queen’s famous songs. In the special, Adam Lambert was the one who sang Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On.’

In an interview with ET Canada, JoJo Siwa, Darren Criss, and Adam Lambert discussed ‘The Queen Family Singalong.’ Speaking about ‘The Show Must Go On,’ Lambert revealed a sad detail about the hit. According to the musician, Brian May told him that Freddie Mercury was quite weak during the recording process, but he still managed to sing it successfully.

Adam Lambert told ET Canada on the song ‘The Show Must Go On’ that:

“I’m gonna be singing ‘The Show Must Go On,’ and from what I found out over the years, this was a very important moment for Freddie. It was towards the end of his life, and the song took on really powerful meaning for him.

It was written by Brian May, and he’s told me about the recording session that Freddie was weak. You know, it was hard for him, but he powered through. Brian said his voice was just stellar on it, and you can hear it now if you listen to the recording. He sounds magical.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.