Aerosmith Announce New Drummer To Replace Joey Kramer During His Temporary Leave Of Absence

Aerosmith members spoke to USA Today and revealed details about their drummer Joey Kramer’s temporary departure from the band and the musician that will replace him. Also, Joe Perry talked about the band’s upcoming Las Vegas residency by drawing attention to their fans’ demands.

In 2019, Joey Kramer began suffering minor injuries in his shoulder without an unknown accident or disease; therefore, his drum technician John Douglas became the band’s temporary member for their Las Vegas concerts. Shortly after, the original drummer wanted to return, but the rest of the band members didn’t let him. According to them, the drummer wasn’t emotionally and physically ready to perform with them.

Then, Kramer filed a lawsuit against his bandmates by claiming that they were excluding him from the band’s performances on purpose even though he got recovered and could play with them. However, the Aerosmith icons solved the problems between each other, and Kramer announced that he would return to the band for their gigs in 2020. Most of the shows were rescheduled to 2022 because of the ongoing global pandemic.

Moreover, Aerosmith stated that they would start their Las Vegas concerts on June 17, which will end on December 11, but they unveiled that Kramer wished to take a break and spend time with his family. Thus, their technician Douglas will join the band for their new tour as he did a few years ago. Joe Perry added that they enjoyed playing their previous works such as ‘Nine Lives’ and highlighted their fans of different ages that will come to watch them.

Aerosmith’s statement read:

“Joey Kramer regrettably made the decision to sit out the band’s concerts in 2022, so he can focus his full attention on his family during these uncertain times. He and the band look forward to his future performances with Aerosmith. John Douglas will be stationed behind the drum kit while Kramer takes a temporary leave of absence.”

Joe Perry added:

“Certainly people want to hear the so-called classic songs, but it’s been great to throw something in from, like, ‘Nine Lives’ album that people want to hear. The stage is wide open for us to do a couple of acoustic songs, or Steven can go to the piano and play a ballad off an album we haven’t played since it came out. There are so many different age groups of fans in the audience, and we don’t want to do a disservice to any of them.”

Considering the tumultuous relationship between Kramer and the rest of the band, the drummer’s leave of absence can last longer than the Aeromisth fans expected. Another possible announcement from the band about Douglas becoming their permanent member won’t be surprising due to the tension.