The Hip Hop Singer That Mick Jagger Put On His Music Wish List

Some believe rock and metal music don’t go along with pop, rap, or hip-hop, but Mick Jagger doesn’t feel the same. Even though he is now 79, Jagger has never lost his passion for music. For that reason, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t frown upon collaborating with other artists from entirely different genres. Throughout the years, he has worked with various artists, including and Jennifer Lopez, and he is now rumored to be working with Dua Lipa, another pop star.

When Machine Gun Kelly made the headlines with bold remarks claiming he revived rock music, Mick Jagger stood by his side and revealed he listens to MGK and Yungblud. So, the iconic frontman believes music has no boundaries and is not shy to admit he listens to artists from different genres. In a previous interview with Maxim, Jagger went on to say that he has a hip-hop singer on his music wishlist: Mary J. Blige.

Martin Scorsese documented Rolling Stones’ 2006 Beacon Theatre performances during the A Bigger Bang Tour for the concert film ‘Shine A Light.’ Some of the shows that appeared in the film featured a different setlist than the other shows and were noted for the guest appearances of other artists, including Jack White, Buddy Guy, and Christina Aguilera. However, the most surprising performance was Aguilera and Jagger’s duet on ‘Live With Me.’

In a 2008 interview, Maxim spoke to Mick Jagger about the concert film and asked the music icon to share his feelings about the duet with Christina Aguilera. Following that, Maxim also asked whether there were other musicians Jagger would like to collaborate with on a different project. The Stones frontman started by praising Aguilera’s soulful singing talent. After that, he said he loved Mary J. Blige’s vocal talent, and she was on his list of musicians he would like to make music with.

Asked about his collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Mick Jagger said, “Christina Aguilera is such a great singer, so I loved that. She was really on it. She delivers.” He then continued, revealing he’d like to collaborate with the hip-hop artist Mary J. Blige, “I also love Mary J. Blige. I know she’s done duets with U2 and everyone else, and I love her vocal style. She’s on my music wish list.”

So, Mick Jagger sees no issues in collaborating with artists from different genres. Moreover, his passion for music doesn’t prevent him from listening to other genres, including rap, hip-hop, and pop. Jagger’s dreams came true four years after this interview, and he performed ‘Gimme Shelter’ with Mary J. Blige during a show on their 50th Anniversary Tour at the O2 Arena in London.