Halestorm Fans Surface An Old Footage Of Lzzy Hale Talking About Avril Lavigne


An old video of Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale recently surfaced on the internet, and it grabbed the frontwoman’s attention. In the video, Lzzy talks about Avril Lavigne’s recent album and reveals whats she thinks about the singer.

Lzzy Hale has been a big influence in showing the power of women in the rock and roll world. She has been in the music industry with her band Halestorm since 1997 and is still actively inspiring women musicians around the world. Hale became the first female ambassador for Gibson in July 2021 and is widely recognized for her talents.

Avril Lavigne is also one of the women who had a great influence on others during her time. Hale and Lavigne were born only a year apart, and they used to rule the rock and roll world simultaneously. Lavigne released her first single ‘Complicated’ in 2002, and since then, she has been a big name in the punk rock world.

Around 2002, Halestorm’s frontwoman was asked about Avril Lavigne’s music and what she thought about her new single. The young Lzzy Hale gave her opinions in the streets of New York City and stated her admiration towards the Queen of Pop Punk. In the video, she expressed how important Lavigne’s music is in regards to telling people just to be themselves.

Here is what Hale told about Lavigne in 2002:

“When I first heard her album, I was particularly blown away by the uniqueness of it and the fact that it definitely was not your normal pop-rock star. I enjoyed the realness of it, and I enjoyed the fact that you can tell that she’s doing something that she loves. She’s not trying to be anything but who she is.

I do have to say that my favorite song would be her first single, ‘Complicated.’ Even apart from the musical end of it, the musical end is, like I said, catchy, it was stuck in my head for days. She addresses important subjects such as you don’t have to be something just because someone tells you to or because it’s popular because it’s the thing to do. Do something that makes you happy and pave your own way.

Hale was surprised to see this video resurface, and she stated her shock by both commenting on the post and sharing it on her Instagram Stories with a minor correction. Apparently, she was asked to say that her favorite song was ‘Complicated’ to promote it, but she actually preferred ‘I’m With You.’ 

Here is what Hale stated in her story while sharing the video:

“Ah-ha! You guys found it. This is me as a youngster on the streets of NYC getting asked questions about Avril Lavigne. I thought this tidbit from my life had been lost to the vast sea of the internet. Haa! I was so little here.

By the way, small correction… My favorite song by Avril is actually ‘I’m With You,’ but they wanted me to promote her first single.

You can see her story below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram