Rammstein Faces New Lawsuit For Stealing The ‘Deutschland’ Riff

Rammstein is getting sued by a French synthwave band called Ninja Cyborg.

The band claims that Rammstein ripped off their 2018 song ‘The Sunny Road’ for their 2019 track ‘Deutschland.’

Ninja Cyborg’s legal team Phi Avocats issued a press release stating that a ‘musical expert’ appointed by the Paris Court of Appeal believes Ninja Cyborg has a valid case.

Officials stated that three years later, the matter was brought before the Paris Court of Appeal and a musical expert was appointed to investigate. After looking into the case, the expert concluded that Rammstein ‘deliberately borrowed the riff and other melodic elements of ‘Sunny Road’ in ‘Deutschland’ and that the two tracks had ‘too many similarities.’

According to Ninja Cyborg’s legal team, the expert determined that Rammstein copied their song.

Ninja Cyborg’s First Case Was Dismissed

Since 2020, Ninja Cyborg’s Marc Botté and Martin Antiphon have been receiving messages from fans pointing out the similarity between their songs and accusing them of plagiarism. The band eventually took it to the court. But their first try was thrown out.

As it appears, Botté doesn’t even like Rammstein. He told:

“I don’t even like Rammstein and I don’t listen to their music. I came up with that riff myself. I knew for sure that I hadn’t copied them.”

The following year, the French authorities brought in an independent expert at the band’s request.

But the fight isn’t over yet. The band wants the track to be recognized as their own:

“We want our work to be recognized as our own, and we’re tired of constantly having to defend ourselves as artists.”

Ninja Cyborg will share what the expert found during the first hearing at the Paris Judicial Court on September 10.