Radiohead’s Side Project The Smile Release New Song ‘The Smoke’

Radiohead’s side project band, The Smile, recently announced the release of a brand-new song titled ‘The Smoke’ with an Instagram post.

Back in 2021, Radiohead’s lead vocalist Thom Yorke and his bandmate Jonny Greenwood formed a supergroup along with the drummer Tom Skinner called ‘The Smile.’ They then made their debut in a May 2021 performance streamed by Glastonbury Festival. Moreover, the band is also in collaboration with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.

Thom Yorke had announced the band’s formation via an Instagram post that featured a simple note which read ‘The Smile, performers/musicians Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Tom Skinner, a collaboration with Nigel Godrich.’ Besides, he had also shared a video from their debut at Glastonbury on his Instagram, which featured the performance of ‘Thin Thinks.’

As he is not an active social media user, Thom Yorke’s fans usually expect the release of something or an announcement when they see Yorke posting on his social media accounts. It seems that is also the case with The Smile, as the band rarely posts on Instagram. However, they recently made their fans excited with a post announcing a new song: ‘The Smoke.’

In the post, the band simply stated that their brand-new music effort ‘The Smoke‘ is out now. Moreover, they also added that the music video of the song is a scratched processed 16mm film by Mark Jenkin. The song is also the follow-up to their debut single ‘You Will Never Work In Television Again,’ which was released earlier in January.

The Smile’s Instagram post read:

“New track out today: ‘The Smoke.’ Scratched processed 16mm film by Mark Jenkin.”

Below, you can watch the music video of the band’s brand-new song ‘The Smoke.’