The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit Reflects On ‘Hotel California’s Success And Longevity

During his recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit talked about the main reasons behind one of their albums’ longtime popularity. According to him, having talented musicians is not enough to preserve success and fame for a long time.

The Eagles released their fifth studio album entitled ‘Hotel California’ on December 8, 1976, and it was known as Joe Walsh’s first record as the vocalist after founding member Bernie Leadon left. The album became the band’s best-selling work at that time by being certified as 26× Platinum in the US. It’s among the greatest albums of all time with several hits, ‘New Kid in Town,’ ‘Hotel California,’ and ‘Life in the Fast Lane.’

Decades after the album, the band started their Hotel California 2020 Tour on September 27, 2019, in Las Vegas, and it will end on June 26, 2022, in London, paying tribute to their iconic record. As the person that joined The Eagles replacing Randy Meisner a year after the release, Schmit stated that he was a fan who was fascinated by them. Also, the reporter wanted to know the secret behind the everlasting popularity of ‘Hotel California.’ 

Timothy B. Schmit explained the situation, saying that the album consisted of songs with well-crafted sounds and lyrics. According to him, this was the essential element of its longevity. Another reason was that people have still connected with ‘Hotel California’ thanks to its universal and timeless themes. The bassist added that their songs contributed more to the band’s success for fifty years than the band members’ talents.

Schmit stated in his interview that:

“That album was recorded before I was in the band, so I was a listener as well. I was a fan. It always comes down to the songs. It’s the songs. There’s some deep stuff there. You know, it resonated with people and seems to do so still. I guess that’s it.

People ask what you attribute the longevity of the Eagles to, and it’s really simple: It’s the songs. There’s talent, yes, but you can have all of the talents in the world, and without a great song vehicle, it’s going to be wasted if you want other people to hear it.”

You can listen to the album below.