Ringo Starr’s Favorite Band Experience Other Than The Beatles

The Beatles established an impressive career over the years they have been together as a band. Each of their members is as iconic as the other, but the public generally focused on John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The duo established their fame and fortune through their songwriting skills and are responsible for creating their music. As good quality and unique as they wrote, the remaining band members were responsible for playing them as accurately as possible.

While George Harrison kept up in guitar, Ringo Starr had the duty to play the drums for their iconic creations. Apart from Lennon and McCartney’s applauded partnership, Harrison and Starr’s influence is as powerful as the duo. However, the band eventually split regardless of their success, and the remaining members began focusing on their solo careers. Fortunately for Starr, he worked with a band that made him excited after parting ways with the Beatles.

What Did The Beatles Do After The Disbandment?

George Harrison had already released two mainly instrumental albums, ‘Wonderwall Music’ and ‘Electronic Sound.’ The guitarist created and performed until he died in 2001. Paul McCartney is still actively recording and has collaborated with many artists throughout his solo ventures. He also formed a band with his wife right after the disbandment, which helped him get over the breakup.

John Lennon perhaps became the most influential Beatle as he became an advocate for peace and anti-war movements during the ’70s. His songs from then on became related mainly to peace, and he released ‘Imagine’ in 1971, which became an all-time influential song. As a solo artist, he collaborated with Plastic Ono, his wife Yoko Ono’s band. They released their debut, ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,’ and another Beatle, Ringo Starr, featured on drums.

What Did Ringo Starr Feel About Playing In John Lennon’s Band?

‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ was released later in 1970, and the album was regarded as Lennon’s best solo album. Lennon also produced it, so he made sure the album was released as he wanted it to be released. His former bandmate Ringo Starr, whom he didn’t have a dramatic relationship with, contributed to the album by playing the drums.

He gave an interview in 2015 talking about his ventures in this album. He had stated that it was the best experience of his life. During the creation, he teamed up with Lennon and Klaus Voormann, a German bassist. The duo that spent so many recording and writing sessions together already knew Voormann. Hence, the experience was smooth and incredible.

As reported by NME, Starr said:

“It was incredible. John, Klaus, and I. One of the finest trios I have ever heard. We did it like a jam. We knew John had the songs, and we’d kick it in and feel where it should go. We knew Klaus anyway. John and I really knew each other, so we were psychic about where the atmosphere was going to go.

It’s one of the best experiences of being on a record I have ever had. Just being in the room with John, being honest, the way he was, screaming, shouting, and singing. It was an incredible moment.”

You can listen to the record’s first track below.