Dan Reynolds Announces The Release Of Imagine Dragons’ New Music Video For ‘Follow You’

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds thrilled the fans by making a new announcement about their new single ‘Follow You’ via his official Twitter account.

As you may recall, Imagine Dragons announced that they will release two new singles from their upcoming fifth studio album on March 8, named ‘Follow You’ and ‘Cutthroat,’ and released them four days later.

Yesterday, the iconic rock band released a music video for ‘Follow You,’ and Dan wanted to promote it by announcing it on his own social media accounts. Also, he thanked to the actors and actresses who played in the video.

Follow You’s official music video is viewed by over 1 million people in less than eighteen hours only on YouTube, and the number is rising quickly. Also, most of the fans shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“The music video for Follow You is out now. a huge thanks to Kaitlin Olson for being super funny and amazing in it. Rob McElhenney was there too.”

You can check out the post and the music video below.