Noel Gallagher Announces His New Girlfriend After Divorce

Noel Gallagher opened up about his new girlfriend during a conversation with The Sun. Noel described his new girlfriend, Sally, as a good woman and added:

“She’s a good woman. She doesn’t show up often, but it was nice to see her [at the Royal Albert Hall].”

Gallagher also shared details about their relationship and stated:

“She says she sees a steely look in my eyes. She’s looked into my eyes countless times down the years. I’ve punched above my weight several times in my life, and I think if you can make a girl laugh the battle is more than won.”

Gallagher Survived A Tumultuous Divorce

Last year, the former Oasis guitarist announced his decision to split from his wife Sara MacDonald. The couple was married for 12 years and had two sons. On behalf of the couple, a spokesperson stated:

“Noel and Sara will together continue to look after their children, who remain their priority. Noel and Sara ask the media to respect their privacy and that of our family at this time.”

MacDonald reportedly asked for £20 million and their Hampshire mansion to settle the divorce. Noel later confirmed the divorce was finalized after a huge payout on his side. He explained:

“I can get on the bike and go up to King’s Cross and go down to the canal at Longfield Road. And get on the canal outside my wonderful ex-wife’s house and give her a little wave, and go, ‘You didn’t take this from me!’ But the pace of London is f*cking great at the minute, I’m loving it.”

Gallagher seemed to find happiness with his new girlfriend after struggling with the emotional and financial troubles of divorce. As he gets ready to embark on a summer tour in the UK, Noel has someone to accompany him on the road.